RegulmasterII + afficheur déporté + 2 sondes :510 euros

RegulmasterII seul : 341 euros

Version à jour 1.10.5

The REGULMASTER II is the classical tripmaster for TSD rallyes by waytec.fr. The view remains identical to previous versions, with quality materials and true buttons, toggle switches that go perfectly with our beloved antique. But inside and everything changed : more powerful, more possibilities, and...even simpler and more intuitive !!!

Regarding the technical possibilities :


Possibility to program up to 60 ZR of 70 average changes

Two probe inputs with the possibility to use the average of the two

For rallies with reconditions, possibility to make an automatic recalage with the GPS (validated at monte carlo 2019), or with a semi automatic manual remote control

Possibility to correct both the averages and the distances imposed, even in the race

Possibility to switch from medium copies/distances to time/distance copies even in race

Possible connection to the PC, and other news...


As for ease of use :


The programming of the medium and now ultra simple, fast and intuitive, see the video below

At any time, you can access the medium copies/ distances of the ZR in progress, by pressing a button, even in the race (see video)

For races with reconditions, once the GPS points set, the REGULMASTER sets its total to the right value automatically, without having to do anything !

The Regulmaster helps you choose a probe (right, left or middle) and proposes a coefficient value

Etalonnage simplified as in previous versions but also etalonnage possible in race !

And many other possibilities...

Prices :

REGULMASTER II with power cable   : 560 euros

Pilot display   : 119 euros

Remote control 4 buttons   :  35 euros adds FREEZE and "DISTANCE CAPTURE"

Semi automatic recalage remote control   : 160 euros

GPS+GLONASS module   : 119 euros

USB cable to connect to computer : 15 euros

inductive wheel probe : 55 euros

aluminum bracket : 55 euros

Correction du coeff d'étalonnage




Cadenceur rétroactif

Ecran déporté