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Electronic chicken door opener

Porte Automatique pour Poulailler

Porte Automatique pour Poulailler

Protégez vos précieuses poules des prédateurs nocturnes grâce à notre porte électronique pour poulailler innovante. Notre dispositif automatique ouvre et ferme la trappe de manière autonome, synchronisée avec les cycles naturels du soleil. Plus besoin de vous soucier de régler l'heure, car notre système intelligent s'ajuste automatiquement en fonction de la luminosité ambiante.

Caractéristiques Clés

  • Capteur de Luminosité Intelligent
  • Réglage de la Sensibilité
  • Indicateur de Batterie
  • Sécurités (surcharge, fil cassé, etc.)
  • Fabrication en France
  • Options d'Alimentation (piles ou panneau solaire)
  • Dimensions : LxHxP : 115x90x55
  • Poids conseillé de la porte : 400-650g

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Offrez à vos poules la sécurité qu'elles méritent. Choisissez la qualité et l'innovation de notre porte automatique pour poulailler.

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This electronic door for chicken coop will allow you to avoid your chickens from being killed by night predators by automatically closing and opening the hatch at sunrise and sunset

.It works thanks to a brightness sensor, it is the best solution because the chickens do not have a watch, and adjust to the brightness. It is therefore not necessary to set the time every 2 weeks .


The brightness threshold for closing is adjustable. It is possible to shift the opening in the morning by 30 min, 1 h, 1h45 or 3h.

Indication of the battery level by 4 LEDs.


Safety overload, broken wire, etc....

It is fully designed and manufactured in France. Works with 4 LR6 batteries. The autonomy depends on the temperature, the weight of the door and the length of wire to go out. It can range from 3 months to more than a year.


In case a shadowless sunny place is available, you can add a solar panel, in which case it will take 4 NIMH batteries.

In battery mode, the photoelectric cell integrated into the box ensures the closure and the opening, in solar mode, the solar panel acts as a collector, which allows to put the box to the shelter in the hen house..


Dimensions: LxHxP: 115x90x55.

Weight: 300g.

The pulley is located outside on the left side, and exceeds 15mm..

The recommended weight of the door is 400-650g. Mini 350g max 3 kg